From motor vehicle accidents to slips and falls, sports injuries, and everything in between; Dr. Kennedy knows what it takes for you to return to the routine that you know and love. Whether it’s picking up your grandchildren, bowling an extra frame, training for one more round or opening doors without pain in your arms or shoulders; we can help you get back on track.

Chiropractic shouldn’t be a life-long care plan just to maintain feeling normal. While national averages cite 12 visits as a standard course of care to eliminate lower back pain, most of our patients are pain free after half that amount of time. Our goal is to get you back to doing what you love ASAP. We guide you through the process of rehabilitation to prevent the problem from coming back — because we know that there is no health marker more dangerous than inactivity.

Beyond the repair of the injury itself comes the task of understanding why it happened in the first place. If the original source of the problem isn’t corrected, you will be left “chasing pain” in a never ending circle. Just like broken shocks on your vehicle can cause your tires to wear prematurely; weak or unstable hips can cause knee pain. Without treating the actual problem, you’ll be stuck changing your tires constantly until you trade in your car.

Dr. Kennedy prides himself on understanding the relationship between movement, bio-mechanics, form and function. With constant reassessments and testing, our patients are pleasantly surprised to find Dr. Kennedy’s office visits to be comprised of much more than just an adjustment and a handshake.