1. What Is Primary Spine Care?

    Primary spine practitioners are specialty-trained physical therapists and chiropractic physicians who focus as portal-of-entry providers for all spine related disorders (SRDs). Back pain is a leading cause of disability worldwide. In the United States, SRDs are an expensive disease -- costing the ec…Read More

  2. Welcome to Live Young Chiropractic!

    Welcome to Live Young Chiropractic! Here at our chiropractic practice, we are focused on delivering specific, goal-oriented results to our patients. We do this by treating the root cause of your problem, not simply the surface level symptoms. We are a chiropractic office focused on complete wellness…Read More

  3. Did You Earn That Meal?

    Today’s blog proposes a new fad diet. While most don’t aspire to be something as transient as a fad, I’d be happy to get the world to consider and even attempt this “diet” for as little as a month. Somebody call Dr. Oz for me, things are about to get serious. The next time you eat, while y…Read More

  4. Anti-Aging vs. Hormone Replacement Therapy

    What is hormone replacement therapy or HRT? The intervention itself was brought to media attention and made infamous by professional sports players who abused the system. All of the negative press and notoriety has given HRT an almost taboo reputation. The fact of the matter is however, that HRT was…Read More